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Team Poly manufacture a range of other poly products including Pump Stations, Septic Tank Systems and Li-Lo Underground Tanks in addition to rainwater tanks, industrial tanks and farm products. 

Pump Stations (Stormwater, Drainage & Sewage)

Team Poly's iCON Pump Stations are used in areas where gravity drainage to waste water services are not available. They are moulded in durable polyethylene and built to conform to Australian Standards AS/NZS 1546.1:2008 which makes them appropriate for domestic or industrial use.

The iCON Pump Station is designed to withstand ground and water pressure when installed correctly. It has smooth internal walls and an optimum collection area to aid in the removal of waste water and prevents smells and septicity.

Septic Tank Systems

Septic tanks are small-scale sewage storage and treatment systems. Team Poly supply the KLARO Septic System by GRAF - a high-quality (ISO9001 certified), reliable system certified to Australian Standards for septic tanks (AS1546.1).

Li-Lo Underground Tanks

Team Poly’s underground water tanks are made in Australia according to a patented and leading German-engineered design that provides optimum strength and a self-cleaning filter. They are easy to install, two shovels and one weekend is all that is necessary. No ballasting is necessary.

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