Li-Lo 1,500 Litre Underground Tank

15 Year Pro Rata Warranty

Tank Specifications

Capacity 1500 Litres (330 gallons)
Length 2100mm
Width 1250mm
Height 1010mm
Availability NSW; South Australia; Victoria

Li-Lo Underground Tank Features

  • German engineered and manufactured in Australia.
  • No Ballasting required.
  • Compact shallow excavation design.
  • Fully integrated self cleaning option.
  • Driveway manhole option available.
  • Child-proof cover option available.

75% less digging than a concrete cistern.

Save more than 100 wheelbarrow loads of soil!

Li-Lo Excavation

  • 3000L Li-Lo excavation approx 7.6m2 / 268ft3
  • 3000L concrete cistern approx 31m3 / 1095ft3

How do you install an underground tank?

How to install Li-Lo Underground Tank

Download the Li-Lo Underground Tank Installation Guide

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