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Poly Water Tanks

One of the most popular tank choices today are polyethylene (poly) water tanks.

Poly water tanks can last a long time, up to 20 years or more. The material can withstand the harsh effects of the Sun due to UV-stabilisers added to the moulding mix. These stabilisers inhibit or absorb the harmful UV light preventing the polymer from breaking down and becoming brittle.

When it comes to installation, poly tanks are very easy to set in place. While many poly tanks today are made very strong according the Australian standard for poly tanks, to maximise their life it is always recommended foundations consist of compacted crusher dust or concrete slabs according as advised by the manufacturer.

Poly tanks are also very strong. If properly designed and manufactured according to Australian standards for poly tanks then bulging and warping should never happen. Some features of a strong and quality poly tank include:

  • It being moulded as one seamless piece (that is, without side seams)
  • Wall thickness being of 4.5mm or greater
  • Strong base corners with a radius of 25mm for a tank up to 1.8m in diameter, or a radius of 38mm for tanks over 1.8m in diameter.
  • Tapered tanks walls (thicker poly walls at the base of your tank where the most pressure will be)
  • Ribs which provide greater strength.

Additional requirements for building a strong poly tank are found in the Australian poly tank standard, AS/NZS 4766 Polyethylene storage tanks for water and chemicals.

Poly tanks require much less ongoing expense than other tanks to maintain. Maintenance is also made easier if setup with a tank self-cleaning system.

Given their strength, and the fact they are less expensive than other tank materials on the market, they are one of the most popular options today that people choose for storing rainwater.

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