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Tank Selection Guide

Following this step-by-step guide will help to ensure that you select the right Team Poly water tank:

Step 1 – Establish Rainwater Harvesting Capacity

Did you know 1mm of rain falling on 1m2 of your roof provides 1 litre of water in your tank?

Using the average suburban roof of 200m2, if you receive 500mm of rain per year, then you will harvest 100,000L of rainwater (200m2 * 500mm = 100,000L). This is a conservative estimate—many houses are bigger today and some locations can collect up to 350mm+ of rain in just one month.

Bigger is often better, but calculating what tank size you need is still an interesting exercise to do. So multiply the length of your roof by its width to get its surface area (m2), then times this by your rainfall which you can discover using Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology website.

Note: Depending on water restrictions, each person living on your property will use approximately 250L per day. So you can even factor in water usage if keen.

Step 2 – Determine Water Tank Accessories

When purchasing a rainwater tank you will want to know what other bits and pieces are needed. What you need will depend on your specific situation. Take a look over our Fully Integrated Rainwater System diagram below to get a better picture of what you will need.

Fully Integrated Rainwater System Diagram

If you are still unsure, then give us a call and speak to one of our friendly consultants who can help with a water solution that fits your exact needs.

Step 3 – Identify Appropriate Tank Location

Many factors can influence the most appropriate location of your rainwater tank.

Keep in mind that the closer your tank is to a downpipe, the simpler and cheaper the installation will be. So take a walk around your house and note the locations of your downpipes. Consider also whether it is clear of walkways, windows and obviously whether it will complement its surroundings.

Step 4 – Select Your Desired Tank Style

Team Poly provides you with a selection of rainwater tank styles to suit your tastes.

Are you after the traditional Australian look that a round corrugated tank offers? Perhaps you would prefer one of our slimline water tanks model at the side of your house? If you are strapped for space, then you can even look into an underdeck or underground water tank.

View our rainwater tank range and think about what suits you best. Tank sizes range from 545L right up to 50,050L. Certain models can even be connected together to provide more storage.

Step 5 – Choose Your Tank Colour

All Team Poly tanks are available in 14 COLORBOND® tank colours. When selecting your tank colour, it is important to know where you will place your tank and to choose a colour that will complement its environment.

Step 6 – Confirm Location Space

When selecting your tank, make sure you know its height and width and measure up the location where you intend to place your tank.

To help you choose the correct size of tank, you can take a look at Team Poly’s water tank specifications. This will help you to quick select your correct tank size and capacity.

Step 7 – Prepare Your Tank Site

Site Preparation For Your Tank

Correct site preparation is essential to ensuring a long and trouble-free life for your rainwater tank.

Your site should have a solid, level and compacted base, that extends beyond the diameter of the tank and won’t be eroded by wind or rain. Suitable bases include concrete or solid dolomite surface.

The guttering on your roof is also a key component in your rain harvesting system and will need to be cleared of any leaves or debris. Damaged guttering should be repaired. Sometimes guttering may also need to be adjusted to direct the water to the corner of your house where the tank is installed.

Step 8 – Rainwater Tank Delivery

If you are getting a 9,000+ litre Team Poly tank delivered, please ensure the following.

1. For occupational health and safety reasons there must be a sufficient number of adult able bodied persons to assist the driver with the delivery of your tank:

Tank Delivery Truck

  • 1 person for 9,000+ litres
  • 2 people for 13,000+ litres
  • 3 people for 22,000 – 27,000 litres
  • 4 people for up to 36,400 litres and higher.

2. Sufficient parking and turning area is needed for the truck and trailer (30m long, 7m high and 5m wide)

3. Ground surface should be flat, firm and dry to avoid the truck or trailer sinking or shifting during delivery

4. Please identify and advise Team Poly of any hazardous or unsafe work environment conditions on site

Should you have any questions regarding the delivery of your Team Poly tank, please call us on 1300 658 961.

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