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3 Benefits Water Pressure Pump Covers Provide

3 Benefits Water Pressure Pump Covers Provide

Water pressure pumps cost a few hundred dollars and they often need to be placed in an outside area. While many pumps are made to function in the open, without any protection they will be hit with the sun’s harmful UV rays, soaked with rain and hail, and face the extreme weather which hits Australia. This article discusses protecting your pump with covers and the benefits they provide.

Pump Cover Benefits

There are three main benefits that pump covers provide:

  1. Protection from corrosion – covers will protect against the weather extending their life quite significantly.
  2. Noise reduction – pumps can be loud and disturbing which covers help to reduce.
  3. Aesthetics – a pump cover to complement your tank looks neater, rather than having the mechanics of your pump motor visible.

1. Water Pumps Corrode

Don’t think that just because your tank pump is installed under the semi-cover of a deck, house soffit or the like, that it would have sufficient protection from the elements. Pressure pumps will corrode over time and have their life dramatically reduced by the weather if exposed. A pump cover isn’t expensive to buy, looks much nicer and will save you hassle and money having to buy a new pump earlier than you would have.

2. Water Pumps Make Noise

Even the pumps that claim to be “silent” will still have some customers complaining of the noise. If the pump is located next to a bedroom or neighbour, then the noise it generates at night won’t be appreciated. The easiest way to reduce your pump’s noise level is to cover it. Poly pump covers are obviously great in this respect, they won’t completely muffle out the sound of your pump, but they will greatly reduce it.

3. Water Pumps Look Awkward

If you have ever had a pressure pump just sitting out in the open, looking at it, this electrical component, in the open air, it feels a little wrong. Beside a water tank, in its own colours, perhaps in view of a patio area, it will naturally attract attention especially when it switches on.

On the other hand, poly pump covers can be purchased in colours to match your water tank. They simply fit over the top like a box, and your pump is no longer in sight. Further, you’ve given it a little home to keep it fully safe when it rains or hails and it will thank you by living a longer life.

In summary, water pump covers while not often included with your water tank are really a necessity. Team Poly manufacture water pump covers designed to house most pumps and filter systems. If you are looking to purchase a rainwater tank, when requesting a quote just ask to include a pump and cover.