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Council Requirements for Water Tanks in New Homes

Council Requirements for Water Tanks in New Homes

Source: Kapa65


If you are building a new home in Adelaide region then it is important to understand your water supply requirements to your property. This includes meeting certain council requirements for rainwater storage and plumbing.

So there are two main questions you that will need to answer:

  1. What are my council requirements for water tanks?
  2. What do I need to be aware of when selecting a rainwater tank?

Council Requirements in Adelaide

Requirements vary in accordance to each council’s rules and regulations. Within the Adelaide metropolitan area there are many councils, so it’s important you review your specific council’s requirements.

If you are unsure about which council that your property belongs to, use the Councils Search on the SA Local Government Association website to find the local council for your address.

Here are four common council requirements that you should be aware of when purchasing your rainwater tank:

  1. Minimum capacity – there is normally a minimum capacity of rainwater that your tank needs to store. Most councils require you to have a minimum 1000 litre water tank.
  2. Auto-switching system – you may need to have an “auto-switcher” installed so that your home water supply automatically switches between your rainwater and mains water supply if the water available in your tank is low or empty.
  3. Water retention for fire-fighting – if your new home is in a bushfire prone area then you need a permanent store of water on your property in case there is a fire. Your tank also needs to be fitted with an outlet that the CFS (Country Fire Service) can connect to. For more information, read ‘Water Retention Tanks for Fighting Bushfires’.
  4. Stormwater detention – in heavy rain some subdivisions often become flooded. In these areas, councils often require you to capture some of the downpour in your tank. This captured water is then slowly released into the stormwater drains. For more information, read ‘Water Tanks for Storm Water Detention’.

Building Plans for New Homes

It is important to understand that on your building plans your rainwater tank size may not be solely for your own use, but may include the water retention/detention requirements of your local council.

If your builder is letting you organise your own water tank needs, contact us for an obligation free review of your building plans. Team Poly can examine your building plans and recommend options that will meet your council requirements, compatible with the planned plumbing and most importantly that complement your home.

We welcome builders partnering with Team Poly to provide this service, or home owners to submit their house plans to have us recommend an appropriate solution.