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Deciding Between Multiple Water Tanks or One Large Tank?

Deciding Between Multiple Water Tanks or One Large Tank

When looking for a water tank, many consider buying just one to meet their needs. Yet, there are several reasons why getting two or more might be better. This article will explore reasons why you might wish to install multiple water tanks rather than one large tank or vice-versa.

Factors to Consider When Choosing

Choosing whether to install multiple tanks or one single tank really depends upon several factors.

  • Storage needs – how much water do you need to store? If you only need small water storage (less than 10,000L), then cost-wise a single tank is likely better. On the other hand, if you need around 35,000L then you could get two 22,500L tanks.
  • Property space – can you fit in a single large tank on your property? If you can, is it in an ideal position? Would two or more smaller tanks fit better on your property?
  • Council requirements – do you need a water retention tank that stores water for fighting bushfires, or are you required to detain water to assist with stormwater drainage in your area? If so, sometimes having a separate tank for these needs is best.
  • Rainwater & Stormwater – many harvest rainwater that falls on rooftop, and it is becoming common to capture stormwater that flows down driveways and pathways into underground stormwater tanks. Rainwater overflowing from your tank, rather than being fed into stormwater drainage, can be fed into your stormwater tank.
  • Preferred Tank Style – certain styles of tank are only available in certain capacities. Slimline tanks, which are great along the side of your house, are only available up to 5,000L capacities. Or perhaps having a tank completely out-of-sight appeals to you, in which case underground tanks or underdeck tanks would be desirable.

Multiple Tanks vs. Single Tank

There are many reasons why a multiple tank setup might be better:

  • Two or more smaller tanks can be more cost-effective and provide more storage than one large tank (when looking at around 35,000L+ capacities)
  • Reduction of lost water in tank failure or water contamination
  • Ability to store higher quality rainwater in one tank, and stormwater in a separate tank
  • Easier to fit multiple smaller tanks on property
  • Expandable water storage as needed

On the other hand, with a single large tank setup you might find:

  • In lower storage capacities (25,000 or less), one large tank can be more cost-effective than multiple smaller tanks.
  • Installing a single tank is easier since no coupling is required
  • Easier to maintain one tank rather than many

Whether you choose a multiple water tank setup or opt for one single tank will depend upon a range of factors. Ultimately you must decide what fits your need best, but hopefully this article has provided you with better direction. If you are interested in buying a rainwater tank, or perhaps several, Team Poly has a wealth of experience and offers many diverse tank options and styles. We are always happy to provide a non-obligatory quote if one catches your interest.