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Do You Need a Plumber to Install Your Rainwater Tank?


While most water tanks are easy to install yourself, any plumbing into your home for use in toilets, hot water systems or laundry must be completed by a licensed plumber.

You should not carry out the plumbing work yourself unless you are a licensed plumber. Licensed plumbers will be will be aware of Australian standards, water industry and plumbing regulations and state government and council requirements.

Plumbing Legislation and Requirements

The Water Industry Act 2012 and Water Industry Regulations 2012 provide the legislative framework for the regulation of the water industry and plumbing in South Australia. All licensed plumbers ought to be aware of these and be able to certify that they comply with the Act.

SA Water requires all plumbing work to comply with AS/NZS 3500:2003 National Plumbing and Drainage Code and any South Australian variations they published. A licensed plumber must install the piping system delivering the rainwater to the water closet (toilet), water heater (hot water system) or cold water laundry outlets and complete a Certificate of Compliance to certify that everything has been installed as required.

Choosing a Plumber to Connect Your Rainwater Tank

Before hiring a plumber, you should verify that they are licensed to perform the work. In SA, you can use the Consumer and Business Services (CBS) Licensing Public Register to check if a person or company is licensed.

Licensed plumbers in South Australia need to supply a plumbing “Certificate of Compliance”, so you should also make sure upfront that they will provide you with a copy. The purpose of the certificate is to:

  • verify that your plumbing work and equipment comply with the Water Industry Act 2012
  • specify exactly what plumbing work was carried out
  • provide you with assurance that the plumber is licensed or registered to perform the completed work.

Having a Certificate of Compliance is also evidence that a licensed plumber was used to connect your rainwater tank. This will ensure you remain covered by the tank manufacturer’s warranty should you ever need to claim on your rainwater tank or its fittings.

Make sure to choose a plumber experienced with installing rainwater tanks as they can help you avoid problems such as:

  • positioning the tank on a base that can erode in the rain or wind
  • using copper piping as it reacts with the acidity in rainwater
  • fitting your tank pump at a low outlet so that it draws in the sediment/sludge the tank
  • installing the wrong sized pump or pipes.

If you are looking for a plumber to install your Team Poly water tank, contact our Customer Care team today. We have partnered with plumbers in SA, NSW, ACT and VIC who can help you get it done right.