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Installing a Rainwater Tank that is Safe for Drinking

Installing a Rainwater Tank that is Safe for Drinking

Image Source: Paul Hudson


Most rainwater stored in Australian water tanks gets stored within a poly plastic membrane or tank. This remains true whether your tank is made from galvanised steel, some stainless steel tanks, BlueScope Steel’s AQUAPLATE® or ZINCALUME® or just straight polyethylene.

Given this, it is important to ensure your poly tank or inner poly lining is made from food-grade polyethylene compliant to the Australian Standard AS/NZS 2070 – ‘Plastic materials for food contact use’. In addition, you want to ensure your tank, strainers, pipes and any part that your drinking water will flow through comply with AS/NZS 4020 – ‘Testing of products for use in contact with drinking water’.

It is important to note that rainwater can be quite acidic. If it remains in copper pipes for an extensive period of time, then unhealthy levels of copper can dissolve into your water. Copper pipes are often used when plumbing water into a house. So to prevent ingesting copper, it is recommended that you install filtration at the taps where such water will be consumed. Second to that, letting your rainwater run for a couple minutes of day will help flush out any bad water in the pipes.

Some other factors to be aware of that can influence the drinking quality of your water include:

  • Tank fittings and connecting pipes, should be free of lead and safe for drinking (they should all comply with AS/NZS 4020).
  • Tank material influencing the taste of your water, for example, steels tanks without an inner lining will provide metallic tasting water.
  • Sunlight should be blocked from penetrating the tank and hitting the water since this promotes algae growth (you should buy a tank that blocks the light entirely).
  • Access points should have tight seals and proper screening to prevent pests getting in.
  • Leaf guards, rainwater diverters and strainers all help to maintain water quality.
  • Tank self-cleaning system to help remove any sediment that finds its way into your tank and would otherwise build up over time.

Team Poly are experts in manufacturing poly rainwater tanks. Our range of products include rainwater tanks, industrial tanks and farming products. We also supply safe tank accessories and fittings. If you need help choosing the right tank, why not contact us today to discuss your needs.