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Narrow Water Tanks for Smaller Properties and Shrinking Lot Sizes

Narrow Water Tanks for Smaller Properties and Shrinking Lot Sizes

According to the 2016 State of the Land Report (PDF) submitted to Australia’s federal government by The Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA), lot sizes continued to fall in urban areas around Australia. Major cities and regions reported on (Sydney, South-East Queensland, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne) are all, for the first time, now less an average of 500 square metres.

In South Australia, 2,202 lots were released during 2015, but the median lot size fell to 423 m2 down from 444 m2 in 2014. In Melbourne, 19,744 lots were released in 2015 with the average lot size decreasing to 430m2 down from 445m2in 2014. In Sydney, 8,174 lots were released averaging 454m2 from 456m2 in 2014.

With lots sizes shrinking every passing year, especially in built-up city areas, it can be harder trying to fit in a large round water tank to meet any water efficiency or building requirements. Smaller tanks that are narrow might be much more suitable. This article takes a look at some of the slimline tank options provided by Team Poly.

Narrow Water Tank Range

Slimline tanks are a wide but narrowly designed water storage tank. They are a great solution for tight spaces on properties, and can be placed alongside the house, a boundary or border. Team Poly offers a variety of slimline tank models and sizes:

  • Aqua Spring Slimline – from 650L to 5,000L, our Aqua Spring tanks are a one-piece design, meaning they are stronger since they have no side seams. They have a rounded smooth finish.
  • Modular Slimline – from 1,140L to 2,500L, our Modular tanks can have either a corrugated or flat surface finish and can be mounted on stands.
  • Razor Slimline – from 1,000L to 2,000L, our Razor tanks are an ultra slim design (starting at 290mm depth) with a smooth square finish. These tanks are wall-mountable with wall mounts that are included.

Our Modular and Razor slimline tanks are modular systems that can easily be fitted together to create a greater water storage capacity, whereas our Aqua Spring tank models can be coupled together via pipework.

Team Poly’s tanks can be manufactured in a range of COLORBOND® colours: white, smooth cream, wheat, mist green, rivergum, heritage green, heritage red, merino, beige, birch grey, jasper, slate grey, mountain blue, bronze olive, evening haze, gull grey, monument, sand bank and black.

Rainwater tank fittings and accessories are also included and delivered with each tank. These vary depending upon your tank model but can include: strainer, drain plugs, brass outlet and tap, overflow screen and elbow, wall mounting brackets (Razor tanks). Additional accessories such as water diverters, rainwater to mains water backup system, tank self-cleaning system and a tank pump with cover can also be provided as part of a package.

Benefits to poly slimline tanks over steel, besides being more cost-effective, are that poly tanks can often be found in a greater range of styles, colours and are less of a headache to install. There are no inner poly linings to worry about during setup, and Team Poly tanks use SUPA-UV polyethylene material to create an extra strong and more durable tank over rival poly tanks on the market.