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Package Pump Stations for Stormwater, Drainage and Sewage

Package Pump Stations for Stormwater, Drainage and Sewage

Pump stations are used to pump fluids from one area to another. They are often used for assisting with three different drainage functions:

  • Stormwater – draining areas that may pool with water during downpours and/or areas that might otherwise flood
  • Surface water – ongoing draining water from a surface source to another area to be stored and/or used as needed
  • Sewage – assisting with the flow of sewage into higher mains sewage pipes and/or removal of sewage to processing sites.

Since each have unique demands, pump stations will differ in their assembly and cost depending upon their intended use. Packaged pump stations used for stormwater are normally the cheapest, followed by surface water, then finally sewage being slightly more expensive.

What is a “Packaged Pump Station”?

Packaged pump stations are an integrated system that includes a tank made of strong impact-resistant materials like polyethylene with internally fitted pipework, submersible automatic pump/s with float switch, and sometimes including a high-level alarm or pump controls. All packaged pump stations are pre-assembled and ready for installation into the ground.

Choosing a Packaged Pump Station

The housing of a packaged pump station should be manufactured from strong, impact-resistant materials such as precast concrete, polyethylene, or glass-reinforced plastic. Pump stations used for sewage should be certified to comply with the Australian Standard for Septic Tanks (AS/NS1546.1).

iCON Pump Stations are used in areas where gravity drainage to waste water services are not available. They are moulded in durable polyethylene and built to conform to Australian Standards AS/NZS 1546.1:2008 which makes them appropriate for domestic or industrial sewage use, as well as stormwater and surface water use.

If you are looking for a pump station for your drainage needs you are welcome to talk to us at Team Poly today for advice, although unfortunately we don’t sell them anymore.

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