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Selling Team Poly Water Tanks as a Sales Agent

Selling Team Poly Water Tanks as a Sales Agent

Whether you are a commercial retail store, builder, plumber, landscaper or other tradesperson, Team Poly are always looking for new professional relationships. This article explores many questions you may have if you are interested in selling our tanks.

Are Prices Better for Sales Agents?

This is our most often asked question – yes, pricings are better for sales agents as might be expected. To become a sales agent you must first obtain approval from our Accounts Department. We only work with reputable, trustworthy businesses so once you have been reviewed and approved you will be assigned to a sales group based upon your location and delivery area.

For example:

  • Zone A includes free delivery,
  • Zone B which is further out from our point of operation, will require extra freight.

Pricelists are created based upon zones to make it easy for you to know your exact buy price. As a new sales agent, you start off on our base tier pricings, however, if you demonstrate an ability to make a lot of sales we have a special “Gold Agent” status that comes with the added benefit of better pricings on Team Poly’s products. In addition, all sales agents receive unique special offers and product bundles from time-to-time, as well as special field day pricings.

Why Sell Team Poly Tanks Over Other Brands?

Some benefits to selling Team Poly tanks over other brands include:

  • Trusted brand – Team Poly has been around since 1990, sold over a million water tanks and is one of Australia’s leading polyethylene water tank manufacturers for a reason.
  • Wide range of tank types and styles – our tanks are available in a large selection of colours and styles including traditional-looking round ribbed tanks, to our unique Boabab tank design, under deck tanks, underground tanks and three different slimline styles.
  • Tanks to fit into any space – our wide selection of tanks in different styles and capacities ensure we have a water tank suitable for your project.
  • Delivery to regional areas – we have a wide network which enables us to deliver tanks to regional areas at more affordable prices.
  • Better tank warranty – depending upon the tank, warranties are provided up to 25 years.
  • AS/NZS ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems Certification – Team Poly adhere to strict quality manufacturing processes which means you can trust that you’re getting a reliable, high quality product.

What Makes Team Poly Tanks Better?

All Team Poly tanks are thoroughly tested. Testing begins even before your tank is produced with our typical tank test plan as follows:

  • Raw Material Resin Certification from supplier to AS 4020 & AS 2070 (Potable Water & Food Grade)
  • Compound Powder Certification to AS 4020 & AS 2070. Colour pigments for algae growth prevention UV additives to enhance material longevity.
  • In-house Laboratory Testing for Melt Flow Index, Particle Size, Sieve Testing.
  • Product Thickness Testing using non-destructive Ultra Sonic Thickness Testing.
  • Sample Impact Testing to assure material compliance during processing.
  • Slice Test Analysis to ensure non-porous wall integrity.
  • Capacity Testing to ensure the stated specified capacity of your tank is assured.
  • Final Inspection, a final visual check that your tank meets acceptance criteria for first grade quality.
  • Pre-Delivery Inspection, our drivers are trained to inspect products, ensuring you receive only tanks that meet our internal standards. If it’s not acceptable to them it’s not loaded.
  • Traceability: Your tank has a unique identification Serial Number, you can find this on every nameplate on the side of each tank. This number enables us to trace the product back to base resins received through our record system. Inspection Test records are also accessible which identify the type of test and responsible Team Poly representative who approved your tank.

How Do I Become a Team Poly Sales Agent?

If you are interested in becoming a sales agent and gain access to special trade pricings, then simply fill our online form here. Be sure to provide a few details about your business, and we will follow up with any more details required. We look forward to hearing from you!