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Cattle Feeders

With Roswell Ag cattle feeders, you will experience all of these benefits and more.

For more info on the cattle feeders visit the Roswell Ag website: https://www.roswellag.com.au/

For prices and further information please contact Bill at Roswell Ag today on 0401 995 166 or billf@roswellag.com.au

Do you want a reliable cattle feeder that doesn’t rust, lasts longer, saves time and is efficient? Reduces your WHS risks? And gives you greater control over how much your cattle eat?

How about fattening your cattle, faster? A cattle feeder that sustains them with free range feeding when there’s no feed in the paddock? Or a stock feeder that’s perfect for backgrounding cattle prior to putting them in a feedlot?

10 reasons to switch to a no-rust, round poly cattle feeder:

1. You save money: reducing transport costs by up to 80%
2. No rust: it’s premium grade poly
3. You save time: there’s less frequent filling, with 50% greater capacity than comparable feeders
4. Fast, efficient feeds: 30% more trough space than standard feeders
5. Safer for cattle: no sharp corners to bruise muscle and damage cattle hides
6. Easy and efficient central filling: it’s translucent, so there’s minimal spillage
7. Easy to more: it’s lightweight and has a modular design
8. Long lasting: if it bends, it bends back
9. Easy to clean and maintain: no leaks through bent lids, so minimal blockages, and it’s just like a teflon frying pan
10. Safer for farm workers: you can view the feed level from the ground as it’s translucent


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