Articles about "Screening Rainwater Tanks"

Mosquito Prevention

June 6, 2018
Throughout Australia, mosquitoes can be found in every state and will rapidly breed where there is an open fresh water supply. Rainwater collecting in pot plants and trays, buckets and the like create fertile breeding grounds. A water tank that isn’t properly screened is just asking for trouble. When purchasing a strainer or screening the […]
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Rain Heads (Leaf Eaters)

June 6, 2018
Rain heads, also known as leaf eaters, are a PVC head piece often installed at the top of a downpipe jus below your gutter. The rain head has a screened opening that allows water to pass through while deflecting leaves and debris. They also help to keep mosquitoes, frogs and vermin out of your pipe […]

Tank Overflow Screens

June 6, 2018
Located at the top on your tank wall is a round hole wide where an overflow pipe is connected to. Your tank’s overflow pipe is another way insects and vermin can find their way into your tank if left unscreened. To protect against creepy crawlies, mosquitoes and frogs climbing up your overflow pipes and making […]

Tank Inlet Strainers

June 6, 2018
Located on top of your rainwater tank will be a round hole about 200mm to 500mm in diameter. The pipe work from your gutters lead rainwater to this opening which then flows into your water tank. If you leave this opening unscreened then leaves, debris, mosquitoes, frogs and the like would enter your water tank. […]