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Custom Industrial Design

Team Poly’s specialised knowledge and diverse experience with the custom design and manufacture of poly tanks and parts if extensive.

Many different industries benefit from our depth of expertise in specially constructing poly products – the marine industry with specially engineered products for search and rescue applications, water treatment plants with industrial tanks requiring unique fittings and also the mining sector.

Our tanks are precision rotomoulded to comply with many Australian standards and our manufacturing processes are independently certified to ISO 9001:2008.

The raw poly material used during the manufacturing process is Australian sourced and can hold a wide range of liquids including SG1, SG1.4 and SG2.

Many industrial fittings can be provided, including special fittings that can be cost-effectively sourced for you through our established network of suppliers.

Our custom industrial design specialists are available via 1300 658 961 to discuss your needs and can provide a free quote if requested.

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