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Industrial Tanks

We can supply you with a wide range of industrial tanks from 545L up to 50,050L that are customisable with a variety of fittings.

Team Poly is a manufacturer with the expertise to promptly evaluate your needs and deliver the right solution. Our experience comes from over 20 years delivering polymer products for industrial applications.

All our industrial storage tanks are manufactured from Rotathene Supa UV Australian-sourced raw materials and can be used to store a wide range of liquids including SG1, SG1.4 and SG2.

Our industrial specialists are available via 1300 658 961 to discuss your needs and can provide a free quote if requested.

Industrial Tank Sizes

CapacityHeightInlet HeightDiameter
545L (120G)1775mm1775mm700mm
900L (200G)1165mm1165mm1150mm
1,000L (220G)2020mm2020mm900mm
1,600L (350G)1825mm1825mm1220mm
2,300L (500G)1365mm1365mm1720mm
3,000L (650G)2260mm2260mm1440mm
4,500L Squat (1000G)1550mm1460mm2250mm
4,500L (1000G)2120mm1995mm1830mm
5,400L (1200G)2190mm2030mm2000mm
8,000L (1800G)2300mm2110mm2350mm
9,000L Squat (2000G)1900mm1570mm2890mm
9,000L (2000G)2400mm2180mm2570mm
13,500L (3000G)2580mm2360mm2805mm
22,500L Squat (5000G)2580mm2410mm3730mm
22,500L (5000G)2670mm2530mm3530mm
27,000L (6000G)2750mm2570mm3970mm
40,950L (9000G)2800mm2800mm4400mm
50,050L (11,000G)3420mm3420mm4400mm

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