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Rain Head (Leaf Eater)

Rain Head (Leaf Eater)Rain heads, also known as leaf eaters, are a PVC head piece often installed at the top of the downpipe that leads water into your tank. As rainwater flows down a roof and into the gutters its often collects leaves which then get washed into the pipework leading to your tank.

While “gutter guards” can also be installed, to prevent leaves building up in your gutters, rain heads are a cost-effective solution if all you wish to do is prevent leaves entering into the pipework that leads to your tank.

Rain Head Installation

Simply install the rain head at the top of a downpipe below your gutter. The rain head has a screened opening that allows water to pass through while deflecting leaves and debris away. The aperture of the screen is such that it prevents mosquitoes in addition to frogs and vermin out of your pipe system.

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