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Choosing a Suitable Rainwater Tank – Poly Tank Range of Models, Sizes and Styles

Choosing a Suitable Rainwater Tank – Poly Tank Range of Models, Sizes and Styles

Modern waters tanks are available in a range of models, sizes and styles so that buyers can choose the right size and shape to fit in with their property and rainwater harvesting needs. Team Poly offer one of the most diverse range of poly water tanks:

  • Round Tanks (545L to 50,050L) a traditional rounded corrugated look
  • Boabab Tanks (1,000L to 22,500L) an ultra-modern tapered round look
  • Slimline Tanks (650L to 5,000L) in Aqua Spring, Modular and Razor models
  • Underdeck Tanks (1,000L and 2,000L) that can be tucked away out of sight
  • Underground Tanks (1,500L to 5,000L) that you can bury below ground

Traditional Round Water Tanks

Team Poly’s traditional round tanks range in size from 545 litres up to a massive 50,050 litres. Originating in the Australian outback on cattle stations and farms, the corrugated round tank provides a traditional look with added strength and resilience.

Note: Round tanks with a flat profile (without ribs) exist on the market, however ribs don’t just look better but also provide greater strength.

Boabab Water Tanks

Inspired by nature itself, the Boabab™ range of rainwater tanks have an ultra-modern tapered look and are engineered to meet and exceed the strictest standards. Each tank design has been subjected to a full FEA (Finite Element Analysis) to eliminate stress points and maximise strength.

Slimline Water Tanks

Team Poly’s range of slimline tanks are suitable for narrow areas on your property and available in three tank models:

  • Aqua Spring Slimline Tanks: range in size from 650L to 5,000L, and offer you a slim one-piece design with rounded smooth finish.
  • Modular Slimline Tanks: range in size from 1,140L to 2,500L, and offer you a corrugated or flat surface finish.
  • Razor Slimline Tanks: range in size from 1,000L to 2,000L and offer you an ultra slim design with a smooth square finish.

Underdeck Water Tanks

Team Poly’s underdeck rainwater tanks are available in sizes of 1,000 and 2,000 litres, and as the name suggests, designed to fit inconspicuously beneath a deck. They are rotomoulded as one piece (without side seams) for greater strength, are built from materials safe for food contact and made to exceed Australian standards.

Underground Water Tanks

Team Poly’s Li-Lo underground water tanks are made in Australia according to a patented and leading German-engineered design that provides optimum strength and a fully integrated self-cleaning option.

Their compact shallow excavation design means they will require 75% less digging than a concrete cistern, equating to more than 100 wheelbarrow loads of soil that you won’t need to dig out!

They are so easy to install that two friends and two shovels is all that you need. No ballasting is necessary for the foundation and tanks can come with child proof covers.